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Finally Revealed
The Secret Missing Key in All Health and Self Help Systems
How to Dramatically Change Your Life in 30 Days or Less Spending Only 5-10 mins a Day - Guaranteed

Are you totally satisfied with your life in every way?

Are you in pain physically or emotionally?

Would you like to be the best you can be in every way?

Did you know we all have subconscious blocks to our deepest desires?

Imagine if you had a way to remove these hidden subconscious obstacles to what you desperately want in your life.

There is a way and it's available to you NOW.

Let me share with you a story of one person out of the countless number of people just like you who needed a breakthrough in their lives.

I'll let Isabelle tell you in her own words...

I am a thirty year old mother of three with a story to tell; the "hero” being Biocybernetics and Gene Control Therapy contained in the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE.

At 10 years old, I developed Glandular Fever that (somehow) developed into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I became extremely depressed and dysfunctional in life and all that I attempted to achieve. Even though I came from a very secure, loving, truly close and functional family, I was making decisions based on the feeling that I was an abused, unloved child. To this day I do not truly understand why I behaved as such and unfortunately this was a horrible feeling that, inspired by my self destructive behaviour, I continued to feel for the next 20 years!

At 15, I met, whilst in a refuge (as I ran away from home in a hormonal tantrum), a 16 year old boy - the perfect person! He would be the ONE person in the whole world my parents could not accept. He was a heavy metal crone...long hair, tight black jeans (give me a break it was the 80's!), swore like a trooper, drank like a fish and partied all the time! I fell pregnant at 16, had a 9 1/2 pound son, and his father became worse. He was a violent, sad, lazy man; the trauma inflicted on him through a life with an alcoholic father belting everyone in the family, and an alcoholic mum that took valium like tic tacs; then divorce etc. Heres me making excuses for him again. I'm almost 100% over it, a little way to go yet!

At 18, my second child- a daughter, was born one month early after my being hospitalized for most of the pregnancy due to beatings. I grew to hate him - very much, but loved him at the same time! I don't know why! I was bulimic for many years because his promise to me at 16 was very clear... "Get fat and I'll leave you B****." I was not a model bulimic; I was exhausted (never having treated my chronic fatigue) and so sad; so so sad!

I chose to try and fix our hopeless union by getting married! I should have listened to the obvious omen when I became pregnant again! I sadly yet so gratefully, had a baby girl, 12 weeks early due to a terrible beating (none of which my children had EVER seen). She was a 1.9 pound baby lady that saved my life! This was the start of me growing up. Many hours I sat there; morn till night at the side of the plastic box/machine that was keeping my baby alive... days turned to months and we both became stronger. We went home and then I left him. He kept my three bedroom Department of Housing home and I got my kids. I then had to survive on a pension while paying a fortune for private rental.

I dove so deep in depression. I was lonely, I was scared, tired, sick, and a mum! I had to keep it together. The endless stress and threat of constant eviction drove me to insanity and insanity drove me to heroin. PEACE at last - until you wake up and you are still losing EVERYTHING. So I kept using it.

I lost my home; gave my kids to my parents and tried to get my life back. For four years I worked hard. Peeing in a cup three times a week instead of six times a year so that no one could accuse me of ever taking drugs again. All my results were sent to D.O.C.S. and my parents. My parents cared for my children whilst I became a person. I even got employed at Sydney International Airport as a security guard and was glowing with pride in my work and for the first time, being "me!"

Then life went to hell again - my own family fell apart. My mother had to now rent a home and found herself sole carer of my three kids! I was helping her and going to work as well. Finally fatigue won out and I hurt my back.

I kept all sorts of appointments to all sorts of therapists to prove to D.O.C.S. that I was totally drug free and capable of caring for my kids. Last year, I finally went to court with my arms full of glowing reports of my hard work and my dedication to the happiness, safety and recovery of my kids. All that was what I needed... but, my terrors still urked me all the time... without drugs my memory sharpened and with it the return of my night terrors of my beatings. Now my family problems were driving me to insanity and I didn't know what else to do but not sleep; and when I was awake I would read - read ALL the time so I couldn't "think". I even taught myself how to walk and read without getting myself killed! My WORST FEAR; even worse than my ex HUSBAND, was EVICTION. For 4 years I paid rent for a three bedroom flat above a shop on a singles income to prove I could AFFORD my kids. Being poor was my curse for all my wrong doings. Every two weeks, paying between $100 to $240 for medicines for my family; and on a pension and paying private rent. This left us destitute and at the mercy of all. If my church hadn't intervened many times, we would have perished.

One day my dear friend and well known practitioner Dr Bill Davison, who had been helping me over a long period of time and in many ways, suggested I try a new therapy that he thought would help me improve my life. So I tried it. It, for me was a powerful moment; one of the most defining moments in my "GROWING UP" and "GROWING STRONG". My fears; well the main one I started with at that moment was INSECURITY. I tried the therapy, said thank you, and thought I might continue on a regular basis but just forget about it for that night. The NEXT day, I received my EVICTION notice! Through no fault of my own the owner needed his building back. I couldn't believe it! The night before I had accepted a small part time job and now my life was falling apart AGAIN. I had made commitments to work, had my kids to care for and I had to find a new home. As I write this I have just moved into a much nicer premises in a much better location; but not after a lot of stress and drama. I only found somewhere to live the day before I had to evict! I had tried everything to no avail. Even my local MP. was unable to help. I had survived another crisis which without G.C.T. I could not have done.

The two older children have hit the HORMONE YEARS and are treating me like garbage and my dear boyfriend gets abused by them when he visits, so we will probably break up too! HAPPY NEW YEAR! On the brighter side though, since practising the G.C.T., I've held my job and performed well. I now feel useful and even HAPPY. I've let God down so many times that I don't dare ask for anything, but in a funny way I have a FAITH that we will be okay. I believe that because I now feel I am "okay” and that's the first time since I was 10 years old that I feel good about myself. This is such a huge change for me especially considering my horrendous past conditioning.

Please try this amazing breakthrough therapy to free your hearts from the battle scars this world inflicts. It is certainly doing that for me.

Isabelle Janicaud.

If Isabelle can do it - YOU can!
You now have the opportunity to finally make a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

You can begin right now to improve your life by using the

This course has been developed over 30 years using thousands of patients in a clinical setting - proving its effectiveness.

It is simple and easy-to-follow and takes only minutes to practice daily.
You will notice a change occurring within a week!

Did you know that one quarter of all deaths will occur prematurely as a result of cancer, and one third as a result of heart attacks or strokes?
That's a total of 58% and only for those two killers alone.

Although life expectancy has increased, so have the years of disability.

Which one will you be?

You don't have to be one of those statistics - if you know how.

Did you know that 75% of all patients' problems in a doctor's surgery are caused by STRESS?

Did you know that only 5% of all people end up financially successful by retirement age according to U.S Social security statistics?

That's 1% wealthy and 4% financially independent.

Did you know that financial independence is primarily a mind set?

Which statistic will you be?

Success in any area of life is a formula of just 3 simple but profound things.
When used together they create unstoppable power (revealed in the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE.)

True success comes when a balance is achieved between body, mind and spirit, and the application of the laws governing these areas.

This course will teach you how to get started and moving towards your deepest innermost desires.

It will empower you in ways that will surprise and delight you.

It will improve your mental states, health, relationships, finances etc.

The methods have been proven over and over.

It took many seminars, much study, a lot of clinical experimentation and thousands of hours of work.

It has been refined, streamlined and simplified to make it as easy as possible for anyone to use.

BUT it is not for everyone.

It is only for those who are ready to change their lives, who want something better for their lives and for their loved ones.

If you think you qualify, then this opportunity is now yours.

Have you ever read a self-help book, done a course or attended a seminar and just felt like it didn't deliver? I know I have.

I have a friend who spent thousands of dollars doing a self-help seminar series but who still struggles desperately with life's problems.

Have you noticed that life is a challenge at best and downright devastating at worst?

I'm sure you agree that we need effective solutions to the many problems that life throws at us.

In my 30 plus years as the Director of a Wholistic Health Care Clinic I have developed many methods or systems that have help solve people's problems.

Problems that even you might have!

The most powerful of all these systems is what I want to share with you.

I know it works because it has helped me, my family and literally thousands of patients.

Imagine you are a powerful river of fresh, life giving water that for whatever reason has been dammed in its progress.

You have become stagnant.

There is no life in you.

Everything around you that depends upon you is dying or stagnant too.

Now imagine something or someone (even you), removes the blockage.

What happens?

Your power is now unrestrained

Your flow is released, your power is magnificent

You are now a powerful force to create growth and give life to yourself and others


Picture what your life will be like in the future with this new power.

Consider what it will be if you don't take action right now.

Same ol' same ol'.

I personally and professionally guarantee you will not regret it.

This is the first step towards your new life. So do it NOW!

To get this service in a clinical setting, it would cost you many hundreds of dollars, maybe thousands.

It is now yours for a fraction of that price and an even smaller fraction of what it cost to produce.

AND you have a complete money back GUARANTEE - no questions asked.

So you have nothing to lose - just the opportunity to make a huge difference in your life.


  • You will receive two CD recordings and a workbook
  • PLUS a bonus book entitled "The Two Best Kept Secrets Of Anti-Ageing "
  • PLUS a free gift - a copy of my latest book "The Lord of The Genes"

All of this will provide you with the theoretical and practical applications of the Wholistic laws and principles of the body, mind and spirit.

The uniqueness of this course is its Wholistic basis.

Real success and power in our lives comes from developing all three areas.
The synergy of the three areas combined produce a power greater than the sum of its parts i.e. 1 + 1 + 1 does not equal 3, it equals more.

One of the biggest obstacles to our progress is INERTIA.

Once you can get moving in the right direction, it's much easier to keep moving.

Even going in the wrong direction can be corrected more easily once you are moving.

Trying to push a stationary vehicle is the most difficult to move "initially” because it is standing still.

This course is designed to get you moving quickly and effectively.

Once you are moving and experiencing success, you create an upward spiral, thus changing the downward spiral.

Then if you need or want more we can provide higher levels for you - so the sky truly is the limit!

I have found that even in many health problems, the mind
must be cleared of negatives and programmed with positives
to assist in restoration of the physical problem

The same applies to finances and relationships

Therefore, this stage of the course is focused a lot on correcting the mind first.
This course provides a platform or a foundation on which to build.
Then should you choose to go to a higher level, you will find the coaching and help you will need to go even further in all areas of your life.

You will be given the Secret of "The Secret".

Remember the DVD "The Secret"?

Well this is only part of the story.

"The Secret" is about the LAW OF ATTRACTION, but it is not the full story.

You will be given many other SECRETS revealed by other authors and systems.

So this short course is a condensation or distillation of the work of many trailblazers and pioneers.

All the hard yards have been done for you; there is no padding or frills - just the real power principles that work.

Remember the movie "City Slickers"?

Trail hardened and tough as nails "Curly" (played by Jack Palance - who else?) puts up his finger and says; 'Life is about one thing'.

Billy Chrystal who is trying to "find himself" and the meaning of life hopefully asks,'What is that?'

Curly just grins and replies, 'that's what you got to figure out for yourself'.

Does Billy Chrystal figure it out?

Watch the movie to find out.

You may be blocked in finding out what
your one thing is by your subconscious programming.

There is one thing none of the other courses or systems have.

This one thing can undermine or self-sabotage every other principle or practice you may try to use.

It is how to DETECT and CORRECT the hidden unknown programmes or conditioning in your subconscious mind that can block the realisation of your deepest desires and dreams.

This has been proven and demonstrated many times in our clinic.

Many of our patients could not progress in their treatment until these blocks were removed.

Breakthroughs were achieved with weight loss, back pain, conception, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks - the list is endless!

It can also impact on your relationships, finances, work performance etc

In the course Quantum Theory and Quantum Physics are simply explained to help increase your belief and application of the mental laws of attraction and vibration (usually more relevant to the males or left-brain dominated people).

You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to apply all these power principles in a simple format.

Included in these instructions will be practical mental exercises that only take 5-10 minutes a day.


You will learn why affirmations don't always work.

Nearly every system on the market uses affirmations to help you get what you want.

Affirmations work sometimes - and sometimes they don't!

The workbook is a summary of the audio material so you can use it to make notes or for quick easy reference and reminders of the basic principles.

The workbook contains extra info that the audio doesn't.

In your two free gifts - in my groundbreaking ebooks you will discover -

The Secret of the Genes
Unlocked and Revealed

and The Magnificent Mind

What you will learn is how you can control your Genes instead of them controlling you.

This will provide you with an incredible power to truly change your life.

Just read some of the examples of real life changing experiences I have provided here:-

Note:- Gene Control Therapy is part of the LIFE EMPOWERMENT COURSE.

I have worked with Dr. Bill Davison for three years at The Shire Chiropractic Clinic. During this time Bill has taught me his wholistic W.I.N.S system and how it is applied.

Working within the clinic I have been able to observe many of the positive results experienced by patients from the use of W.I.N.S methods.

I personally have benefited from this system, which lead me to read and apply the methods in the Lord Of The Genes and Biocybernetics material. These have been extremely helpful for me; the insights and information I have gained have been invaluable. The system is very thorough; I have not seen anything like this in a health practice before. This wholistic approach to patient's health can uncover issues often overlooked.

Dr Davison is a brilliant Chiropractor and Wholistic Health Practitioner whom I have no hesitation in recommending to my family and friends.

Kelly Walker Massage Therapist

I started seeing Bill Davison in 1993 as a patient. I have worked with him just over two years and in that time I learned a lot including his wholistic system called W.I.N.S. The opportunity to work along such a brilliant mind has been a privilege. His methods are truly exceptional.

I consider him a highly talented practitioner who was born to be a wholistic health care provider. He is caring and sympathetic with his patients and always provides them with the best care possible.

Patient responses have been positive and this is demonstrated through his large following and the ongoing success of his practice Shire Chiropractic. He has gotten me through many sporting injuries and even managed to prevent me from needing a shoulder reconstruction.

My whole family has grown up seeing him instead of a traditional GP for all our health care needs and continue, to do so.

Lisa Newbould.
Massge Therapist. Student Chiropractor

Mrs S.C. was involved in a major train crash which resulted in seven deaths and many more being injured. Six of those which died were in the front carriage where this person also was. Although she sustained fairly significant injuries her main difficulty was in overcoming the emotional and mental trauma associated with such a terrifying experience. Being such a quiet, gentle person probably caused her even more trauma. She had lived in "quiet terror” since her devastating accident until she began using G.C.T. "I used to cry all the time but hardly do so now” says Mrs S.C. "The quality of my life has improved so much since doing this therapy.” Mrs S.C. gave me permission to tell her story as she wasn't able to relive it all over again. Just qualifying a few facts about what happened started to upset her again, so we are grateful for her contribution which was not easy for her, but hopefully may be helpful to others.

One of our patients visited the clinic after a traumatic boating accident. Her family of four had been on the water in their small runabout when they were hit from "nowhere” by a speedboat. The boat hit her husband in the head and one of her daughters got trapped under the boat. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt but the mother came to the clinic in great distress. She was emotionally distraught and couldn't get the incident "out of her head.” "I just keep reliving the accident over and over in my mind,” she said. " It has taken over everything, I can't function at all.” We did the "fear release technique” and a week later on her next visit she reported feeling a dramatic improvement immediately following the therapy. "It's wonderful,” she said. "The difference is incredible. Thank you so much.” Mrs S.M.

Mrs J M. is a very nice lady, but unfortunately so nice she allows herself to be really taken advantage of. Due to her extreme stress levels, she has suffered from many health problems, including two strokes and attacks of facial neuralgia (very painful). She reports, "Having too many problems and not enough solutions.” She has become, "Exhausted by her worries.” Since doing G.C.T. she has noticed a "release.” "It has given me the ability to separate the problems I cannot change and those that I can! I now have less worries and negativity. I also have more energy to work on my problems and I can feel my worries and physical health improving.” What is also significant about this patient is that treatment was not making much difference to many of her health problems. At best it was only providing temporary relief.

When I asked this patient if she would write her story she indicated that it would be extremely difficult for her to go back and relive her trauma. So I got her permission to retell it in my own words.

Mrs M.C. came to see us after her husband read one of our newsletters which presented the G.C.T. He thought it may help his wife. During her first visit she cried most of the time and looked like a woman possesed with fear. The first traumatic event occurred when their house was burgled. This was followed shortly after by a hold-up at her place of work. Some time later her teenage daughter was abducted and repeatedly abused over a number of days. As if this wasn't enough her son was then involved in a serious car accident and required two operations to his internal organs.

This poor lady was indeed a prisoner. She couldn't go anywhere or do anything without being gripped with terror and fear. Banks were particularly difficult as were any dark places. After her first visit she made dramatic improvement and after her third visit she could even go into banks and walk alone in the park during the early hours of the morning.

You have to see the changes in this lady to appreciate the difference. She is smiling and happy, almost like a young child rediscovering her world. "I look forward now to each day and each new experience” she says. "Although I still have a way to go I now have a totally new outlook on life. My next challenge to overcome is going to the movies and sit there and not be overcome by the fear of the dark.”

This lady had an extreme fear of vunerability and "harm” caused by all the traumatic experiences in her life one after the other. I suspect she may have been a sensitive person to start with which made her even more susceptible.

I have been a patient of Dr. Bill Davison for over twenty five years and he has earned my deep respect and gratitude for the excellent treatment he has carried out on me and my family during that time. There has been quite a change in the overall treatment extended to patients since I first started attending the clinic. In the beginning it has been basically chiropractic but it has evolved into a much more complete form of treatment now. After continued study, Bill has incorporated a much more "wholistic” approach which I find even more satisfactory.

The most recent additions to the overall treatments has come about due to the study of BIOCYBERNETICS and Gene Control Therapy. Although I have only commenced practising this method over the past few weeks, I have noticed considerable improvement deep within myself. It involves "reprogramming” one's controlling systems to eliminate fears and anxieties, of which we may not be aware of consciously; and then entering fresh "data”, enabling us to cope with situations that occur during day to day life. When this is achieved it also improves one's health and general outlook on life. Altogether this is a real breakthrough and one which has impressed me greatly. Already I am feeling less stressed, I am sleeping much better (without sleeping tablets) and I hope I have become an easier person to live with. Mrs E.L.

Mr L.P. a business associate called me in some distress about his wife who was in a great deal of distress with her stomach and other problems. I don't usualy do home calls but this was an emergency and they were desperate to get help. Medical Doctors had been unable to help her.

It was a weekend and my family and I were at a birthday picnic near their home. They live quite a distance from our clinic. She got some relief from that first visit but on further visits to our clinic it became obvious her main problem was stress. Her body was simply breaking down under all the stress her and her good husband were under.

We decided to do the GCT and she indicated she was not able to even say the statement I was asking her to repeat. We proceded with just me saying the phrase and doing the points when all of a sudden she started to sob. Her husband was so shocked that he started to cry too. A touching moment. This continued for about five munutes after which she announced she felt much better. Her husband didn't! He was shattered! I explained that it was a good and positive thing; that is was simply a powerful release of all the stress, tension and anxiety that had built up over many years. This build up over many years had been causing many of her physical problems. She continues to practice the techniques and is improving very nicely.

Gene Control Therapy is wonderful! It has given me the power to use my energy in a positive way, instead of the flight or fight scenarios, I would get caught up in, when confronted with life's everyday challenges. I am very happy with the results I have achieved with Gene Control Therapy. Many areas of my life, once clouded with doubt and anxiety, are now seen more clearly with the appropriate steps taken to rectify them.

Very appreciative to Dr Davison for his guiding ways. Mr T.R.

For you to access my expertise clinically (if you could get an appointment as I am booked out way in advance) it would cost you a lot of money on an ongoing basis.

Plus I will be retiring from practice very soon to concentrate on teaching.

So in the near future you could not see me even if you wanted to.

But this course will enable you to access my expertise for a fraction of the cost to see any health practitioner - especially a mental health professional.

One visit to a health practitioner will cost you close on $100 - give or take.

The course will cost you normally $97 - about the same as one visit.

BUT if you respond within 10 days of receiving this information you can get it for $77 + delivery.

That's a saving of 20%

And if you elect to purchase the digital/electronic version it will cost you $59.95

But if you respond within 10 days your investment is $47.00

only $47!

That's right - $47 and no delivery fees!

PLUS - in both cases you have an iron clad money-back guarantee...

Buy Now to order your digital copy of the Life Empowerment Course

Or, if you are interested in the physical Life Empowerment Course (Folder, and DVD's - to be posted out), simply click on the 'Buy Now' button below

GUARANTEE - If you're not 100% totally happy with your purchase. In fact - if you're not fully satisfied with this course I don't want the negative energy that comes with your disappointment - in this case I want to give you a refund! Just return the goods in good/original condition and we will still be friends. Fair enough?

It's now time to take that small step on an exciting
and rewarding journey towards the life you want.

You have nothing to lose.

Whatever your decision I sincerely wish you
every success and happiness in your life.

Bill Davison DC., DO.

This whole enterprise is just at its beginning and the price will probably go up as demand increases. So this offer may not last. Act now if you don't want to be disappointed. More importantly, act now to get started on changing your life dramatically in all areas.

Remember the next surprise we promised you? Your free gift is a download audio recording of a summary of the Health Empowerment Programme. Click here

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