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Introducing the
Health & Life Empowerment
Coaching Program
by Dr Bill Davison

Watch our Video Introduction Series

Why Become a Wholistic Coach?

There could be a variety of reasons. You may want to be a Coach to:
1) Help yourself deal with the many challenges of life and help you achieve success in your heartfelt desires.
2) Help others such as family and friends do the same.
3) Make a career out of it and help people on a much wider scale.
4) Use it to compliment your existing products and/or services in such areas as health, financial services, counselling, personal training, sport etc.

What is Unique or Different about this Coaching Program?

It is highly unlikely you will find anything even similar to this anywhere and especially for the low cost. It is basically the distillation of Dr Bill Davison’s clinic experience and knowledge over a period of more than 30 years; plus the same from other Professionals.
During this time he has refined and proved his methods on literally thousands of patients. This Coaching Program is wholistic in its application, which means it is applicable to the Body Mind and Spirit. By Spirit is meant value systems and relationships etc.

It’s a Total Personal Development Program.

It covers anti-ageing, weight management, sports performance, stress management, Metabolic Typing, Muscle Testing, finances, relationships etc.
It incorporates BIOCYBERNETICS, Dr Bill’s revolutionary technique for reprogramming the subconscious mind and removing hidden blocks to your progress. It has questionnaires and education that make it self-administered.
You don’t have to be a practitioner to use it or to coach others in its use. More information is available on each section of the Program on the website

What Happens After I Complete the Training?

As mentioned already, we provide a 12 month support program to help you use and improve on your training. We will also provide further education and training to assist you and in achieving success. This will include the “Inner Circle Club” for the top achievers where you mix and mingle with other successful people.

How Do I Generate Money From My Training?

This is a very important question. You will most likely find that most people who do Coaching find it difficult to create an income once they are qualified unless they already have a client base from an existing service or product.

We will provide training on how to solve this problem and market yourself and your services.

What’s involved in becoming a Wholistic Coach?

Completion of the following;

• Life Empowerment Courses – Levels I to IV (includes BIOCYBERNETICS)
• The Magnificent Mind Book
• The Lord of the Genes Book
• Detoxification and Rejuvenation Book
• The 7 Unknown Secrets of Weight Control Book
• Health Empowerment Program (cost of products not included)
• Life Success 10 DVD Tutorial Library
• Hidden Health Secrets Library
• 10 Fundamentals of a Healthier Natural Lifestyle- Webinar (45 mins)
• Answers to Cancers- Webinar (1hr 45 mins)
• 6 Online Health Seminars (10 hrs)
• Clinical BIOCYBERNETICS Seminar (3hrs 30 mins)
• Clinical Biochemical Assessment & Muscle Testing Seminar (3 hrs 30 mins)
• Wholistic Health & Life Empowerment Coach’s Tutorial Webinar (30 mins)
• 4x 30 minute private coaching sessions
• Successfully coach 10 clients at least 2 times
• A written and practical exam (approx. 1hr)
• 12 months ongoing Support Program
• 12 months Membership in the Mind Masters Inner Circle
• Mentor four other Trainee coaches

What is the Total Cost of the Program?

The total cost of the Coaching Program is only $1977 for electronic copy and $2977 for hard copy for a one off payment. This is a fraction of what you pay elsewhere. Plus you have the option of doing and paying for it in small stages or steps (however doing it in small stages will cost you more than paying for it all upfront).

To purchase the Hard Format click here
or to purchase the Digital Format click here

What Will I Learn on the Program?

Here is a sample of some of the training you will get in just one of our seminars...

(Clinical Biochemical Assessment Seminar)

Metabolic Typing Profile -
We all have biochemical individuality. Which diet and nutrition is best for your metabolic type? Adapted from Dr Nicholas Gonzales system who successfully treats cancer and other degenerative diseases. Organ Assessment Which organs are malfunctioning in your body at this time? Nutritional Assessment What specific nutrients are deficient in you right now? Food Intolerances What specific foods or substances are negatively affecting your body and contributing to your poor health? Kinesiology- Muscle Testing Unlock the many secrets of the body by knowing how to communicate with the brain and nervous system.

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